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Suffering from insomnia, disturbed loner Travis Bickle takes on a job as a New York City cabbie, haunting the streets nightly, growing increasingly detached from reality as he dreams of cleaning up the filthy city.

Taxi Driver is dominated by the stark use of shadows, vibrant reds and omniscient camera movement amidst the nightmarish portrayed streets of mid-1970’s New York City. The hypnotic sensibility of the film operates as an attempt to incubate the viewer with the feeling of being in a limbo state between sleeping and being awake – like when a shot of Travis in his apartment is purpuously repeated and shown twice, giving us a glimpse into Travis‘s quickly plummeting mental state. He struggles with existential grief, but is not smart enough to get to the root of these issues. He is a walking contradiction. From talking about the scum of streets, while he himself frequents (more…)